Brisbane City Council announced in a newsletter sent out to the Rochedale community in late October 2021 that it is intending to permanently close the section of School Road south of Priestdale Road to support the delivery of the Brisbane Metro Depot. You can read a copy of the newsletter on our updates page.

The Rochedale community and key stakeholders have not been properly consulted – instead we are simply being told that the closure of this critical piece of community infrastructure will be happening in 2022.

There are many questions left unanswered by the Council.

No explanation or justification has been provided as to exactly why the closure of School Road is needed for the construction of the Metro depot and no supporting information, such as traffic impact studies, have been offered.

The Council says it is collaborating with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and says that TMR will be converting the existing School Road carriageway, where it runs parallel and directly adjacent to the Pacific Motorway, to busway for the South East Busway extension. However, TMR has already resumed land from the properties fronting School Road for the purposes of retaining School Road when the busway is constructed.

The proposals to extend Gardner Road between Priestdale Road and Underwood Road as an alternative route, will not be implemented until at least 2024 (more likely much later). Land required for the extension has not yet commenced being resumed.

It is imperative that the decision by BCC and TMR to permanently close School Road be reversed immediately.

You should care about this issue and sign the petition if:

  • you use School Road for trips to work, shopping , school drop-off or pick-up, or any other reason;
  • you are concerned about the safety of, students at Rochedale State High School, Redeemer Lutheran College and other local schools, as there will be additional traffic diverted into Priestdale Road and Rochedale Road, past these schools;
  • you stay, reside, visit, or work at Brisbane Gateway Resort caravan park, as the road closure will have potentially catastrophic impacts on the continuing operation of this business;
  • you use the 576 or 577 Translink bus route, as this route will be cut;
  • you are concerned about the increased pressure of additional traffic on Priestdale Road and Rochedale Road, as this will be the only alternative route for north south traffic movements until Gardner Road is extended; or
  • you wish to support others you know will be impacted by these changes.
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